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      been too long. man. I suck at this forum thing. this is what happens when I rarely sit down at the computer now and am all on my phone and ‘crap.!”
      soooo I’ve been kind of all over the place mentally with this pandemic… and, I hadn’t been doing a lot of BB-ing. (cleaning sparrow nests out but – they had had a population spike and we haven’t had blues around for a couple of years.)
      I did some trapping last week (and wing trimming as I’ve apparently gone soft…)
      but I was ecstatic yesterday to see our TRES have returned. Let the dive bombing begin!
      We also have our oriole back at the feeder here in ontario, along with the chickadees and finches, and woodpeckers munching on their suet. Happy to see my swallows… and still crossing fingers for blues in my other box~!
      how the heck is everyone~??~ :BlueBirds-baby3:

      blue diamonds

        Hi Countrygirl…..great to hear from you! TRES are fun to have and they get along with the bluebirds so that’s a win win. It’s still really early for bluebirds especially as far north as you are. So, I hope they are headed your way soon.

        We had the first Baltimore Oriole show up here May 29th. May 2nd we saw the male and female orchard oriole. Today the first hummingbird‼️ Almost forgot the grosbeaks showed up today also. I love migrating time…….I see so many cool birds.

        Have a great birding season, you are off to a good start.



          Hey Courtney! Good to hear from you. I haven’t been doing ANYTHING here until today. Preoccupied with the pandemic and all that.

          Atlanta, GA

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Good to hear from you Country Girl – this activity with the blues has been a life-safer for me, as far as “doing well”. We have to get our minds off this huge problem sometimes, and watching and participating in nature is my outlet. Stay well everyone.

            My 5 blues are due to fledge in about 6 or 7 days I believe.


              Yes yes I love it!!!
              We also have grosbeaks!!!


                Yes yes I love it!!!
                We also have grosbeaks!!!

                I’m trying to post photos but not sure I can do this from my phone ??


                Can you upload them to Imgur ( a free photo drop)?
                If you do not want to do that, I can help you if you would like. Send me a PM.
                I posted photos for another person on the forum last year.

                Stafford, VA


                  I also saw rose breasted grosbeaks this week (south central PA) and Balto orioles for the first time ever yday and today! I quickly cut some oranges and stuck on twigs and a garden support where they were hanging out. Would love to see them stay. Wanted to share I finally figured out what happened here with my abandoned bluebird nest. I believe this is a new pair to nesting, b/c I have yet to check the box and have Mama not in there on the eggs! Usually with other blues if I whistle or tap the box, out she comes. Not this new mama! I believe there are 5 eggs but have never been able to confirm! (Day 4 of laying was non-stop rain, so couldn’t check. She’s never left when I’ve checked since Day 5!) Anyway, the TRES showed up the day EAB egg laying should have started out front, but since it’s a new pair, I think they abandoned the front box and moved housekeeping to the back box. I cleaned the abandoned nest out last Sunday, saving it for a back-up.

                  The TRES seem to be working on the nest, but with the cold they have disappeared for a few days. The chickadees seem to have abandoned their nest with eggs. A HOSP was bugging them, and I put on a hole reducer, but the HOSP still kept hanging on with its head in the hole! Ugh. So I added fishing line, and the dees kept coming and going, but then just left. Not sure what happened. So bummed.

                  One thing to note re: the cold: I noticed a non-stop stream of birds at the suet feeders today. Busiest day ever!! I think the cold may have zapped some bugs, which would affect what Papa Blue could bring to incubating mama. I say this b/c the woodpeckers came in a stream all day to the suet, one after the other. It appeared to be the same ones. They’re either feeding babies or an incubating partner b/c they’d fly off to the glen one street over and then be right back. It was comical to see, b/c they would patiently wait for one to finish and fly off and then the next one would plop on. Stay warm and be well!

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