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    Rich K

      I have a nest in my Gilbertson box and unfortunately I did not record the date of the first egg although I am 99% sure it was the last week of April. As of 2 hours ago all 4 eggs are still intact. Momma is still brooding them. This happened last year and I am fairly certain this is the same pair. I want to give them another day or two but by Sunday if they are not hatched I think I will remove the eggs and the nest in hopes she will rebuild. I went to do this last year by Momma had beat me to the punch and actually removed all the eggs. She started building two days later in my slot box. I absolutely hate when this happens and can’t help feeling responsible even though I have done nothing wrong. This is my 8th consecutive year of raising Blues and I have an excellent success rate, just Mother Nature here if they don’t hatch. Thoughts?


        My thoughts are, I would never remove bluebird eggs unless they had been abandoned for a long time (like, you haven’t seen either parent around for a week.) You just never know … and what a loss that would be.
        Besides, it’s actually illegal and last time, as you said, the mama bluebird knew best.

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          No, do not remove the eggs at this time – EXPECIALLY if mama is still brooding the eggs. If they are not good, they will remove them usually. P.S. I believe there is a rule about candling the eggs to see if the eggs are viable – then and ONLY then would you be allowed to remove them. Check out and you may find this info. to be sure.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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