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      Resilient Rosie– the one-legged mama from last year was back. The pair nested with 3 babies this time. They then left and I have not seen them since. BUT in that same box, we are on the second nesting of a new pair. The first nesting produced 5 lovely babies– would occasionally see all of them at the feeder. The second nesting has 5 eggs, and the hatching began 6/28. I have not opened the box since because the nest has a thin shallow spot right at the door, and I don’t want anyone falling out.

      I am curious how often anyone has seen this, but as I watch activity around the box, it seems that one of the babies from the last nesting is helping with the care of this bunch! Mom and Dad are active in feeding, but there’s a 3rd player, definitely a juvenile, who is carrying food into the box. I first saw him go into the box during a storm with high wind– this was 2 days before any hatching. Now I see him daily taking insects into the box, usually at around the same time that the parents are around, feeding as well.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        I have not had this happen, but there have been some (probably several) here that have had this happen. It would be cool to see.


          I’ve read about it but ever been lucky enough to see it. So cool!


            Yes, we have seen fledglings from the spring nest help feed summer nestlings. Good “in house” training, I would say. Do you suppose they are better prepared for parenthood the following year?

            Willamette Valley, Oregon


              After my 1st bunch (4) hatched this year another female along with the original Mom and Dad was feeding the baby’s. This was my 1st time having Bluebirds and I don’t know where the other female came from, maybe an earlier baby hatched somewhere else? I called her a wanna-be Mom.

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