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    Sally M.


      I’ve had a male set up shop in my yard since Friday. He’s checked out my nestbox every day and has found all of my mealworm feeders! He hasn’t brought back a female yet, though. Should I be concerned? It doesn’t really seem like he’s searching?

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Sally, don’t know where you live but believe if he has shown that much interest in your box that he will have a female soon. A lot depends on your locale (for weather) but I’d bet my bottom dollar that he will stick around and get that gal soon. Keep us informed. By the way, you mention “all my mealworm feeders” – how many do you have? I couldn’t put out but one (it is a cage feeder) due to all the other birds around. I am still feeding peanut butter suet but have worms in the fridge to put out when some of the winter birds go home.

        Sally M.

          Hi Carol!
          I’m in Northern VA and I will say our weather has been not great these past few weeks. Very consistently cold and windy and rainy. I’m hoping you’re right – maybe it’s the weather that has kept him from getting to work on nesting. Once I noticed my male in the yard I put out a bunch of mealworm feeders but since I got my hands on an enclosed feeder he keeps to that one and the rest of the birds have their own feeders. It’s worked out great so far (except the robins keep trying to chase him away).
          Thanks for your insight!


            Sally, I want to encourage you. I’ve had 2 male blues singing their hearts out in SE PA for a couple weeks, but with the unsettled weather, there’s no early nesting activity (compared to last year, when they had a nest ready at this point!). We usually have tree swallows and they have returned on 3-26 to the day for several years. This year, they just showed up today, a week later. So I would agree with Carol–I’m sure your fellow will find a Mrs., especially with a nice enclosed feeder stocked with mealworms! He’s found a great home in your yard and will likely persist ’til he finds a mate.


              No doubt that he will find a mate.



              Hi Sally. I am in NO. VA also (Stafford) and know what weather you are experiencing. Between a week of 70-80 degree teaser weather and then back to cold, rainy and sometimes snow, I am sure that the birds are confused. I have a pair that have been here all winter, in and out of the nestbox every day but no nest building yet. At this rate we will probably not have birds until the first part of June.
              Keep us posted on your activity.

              Stafford, VA

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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