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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, my lone bluebird fledged today (16 days) guess early because he was fed well. Took box down and cleaned it out and is drying. So I decided to check my other boxes and to my surprise there is another bluebird nest ready in one of my Gilwood boxes closer to the house. I saw papa blue at my newest and largest (by very small amount) box today and thought he might decide on it, but this other box has a full nest and cup in it. I guess they knew that it wouldn’t take both of them to take care of this “Lone Ranger” so decided to go ahead with a 3rd nesting. I have not seen any other mature blues NOR have I seen many HOSP lately. So I’m 99.9% sure it is the same pair. The HOSP must be busy with their nest/eggs elsewhere, but for sure not in my yard.


        Yay for the lone ranger! Good luck with the new nesting :)


          Super exciting, Carol!! What a great surprise to find!!! I’ve had 2 HOSP males sitting on the 2 empty boxes here chirping their little hearts out, but no females are coming. I’ve never seen them take this long (over 10 days) to get a mate! Hooray for a shortage of gals!! Best wishes on the new nest!


          Congratulations Carol. Sounds like that youngster is going to be a fast starter. Good luck with your 3rd nesting.

          Stafford, VA

          blue diamonds

            Wow things have been busy in Missouri……happy to hear your one hatchlings has fledged. Finding a new nest already built is just the topping on the cake. Lets hope your bluebird couple has better luck with their eggs this nesting. So weird so many eggs not hatching from the last nest! Hope the first egg shows up soon.

            My second nesting 5 eggs all hatched on Wednesday. 2 fledgling from the first nest are back hanging out. Yesterday day I put up some styrofoam heat shields around the box. Mama and papa blue were fine with it, but the fledglings noticed something different. They did some fluttering around the box then settled down on the shepherd’s hook to observe. So fun to watch. Heat wave here for 7-10 days.

            Happy 4 of July….y’all

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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