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    Donna in WI

      Gosh it has been a long time since I was here. I can’t even recall if I stopped by last season or not but I think I stopped in a couple of times. I see things are in full swing already with a lot of you. Hope all is well with you all.

      Here in WI the Blues are just returning. Had my first female here on Friday 3/31 sitting on my potted branch on my deck. Made me wonder if it was one here previously. I quickly re-hydrated some dried mealworms but she didn’t come back. The Chickadees are enjoying them though. Saturday morning I saw a pair of Blues checking out the boxes but then didn’t see them again until this morning as they were hunting in the yard for bugs. The female had a big grub. Got all my boxes cleaned up and ready earlier last week however I do have two that I need to move (ones at a park near my home) as the woods has grown too close to them and it is too much of a draw for the wrens. I had a TUTI here late last summer, they are not common in my area. Would love to have one nesting here but just seeing one for the first time was a treat. Have lots of Dees and Nuthatches around too, hoping they choose some of my boxes.

      Of course had a couple HOSP checking out the boxes. Last week I shot a male and this morning shot a female. Thankfully I usually only get a few in my yard.

      I was amazed with the Facebook poll on here, how many are not on it. While I am in a few birding groups on there plus a couple local groups, my main groups are cocker spaniel communities. We have two cockers and a cocker mix right now. Sadly one of them has lymphoma, her time is drawing near. Most of my focus is on her right now but I am happy to be seeing some bluebird activity.

      Hoping I can be more active this year with you all. Hopefully everyone has a successful nesting season!

      Donna in WI


        So sorry to hear about your dog, Donna. I totally understand how you feel about all of them.

        How old is the sick one? Not that it matters because we are never ready to lose one.

        Atlanta, GA

        Donna in WI

          Thanks Gin, she is 10, which for a cocker really isn’t that old. The other two are 8 and almost 4.

          Donna in WI


            Welcome back Donna!
            Darrell in KC

            Bobs Farm

              Welcome back ma’am. Sorry to hear about your dog. Excited to have your experience again in the group.

              SW Missouri

              Donna in WI

                So this morning the Blues were in the yard again. Have seen them four mornings now out of the last week. Hope they decide to nest here.

                IMG_8080ac by rzyg[/url], on Flickr

                IMG_8084ac by rzyg[/url], on Flickr

                IMG_8107ac by rzyg[/url], on Flickr

                Donna in WI


                  Hi Donna! Your bluebirds are so much fluffier than ours in the south! Too cute! Ours are downright skinny compared to yours!

                  Carol – Mid-Mo.

                    Hi, Donna – welcome back. I imagine there in WI it is still cool enough that the blues “puff their feathers” up to stay warm and that is why they look so fat. But then again, maybe they have been some place that had plentiful food supply. Here in mid-Missouri we had our spring weather in February (several days of 70+ degrees) and now in April we have a frost advisory for tonight! Crazy weather. But my blues do have their first egg as of today, so I am excited. Hope you have a good season.


                      Glad you ar finally are joining us again! I’m on Facebook way too much too. It’s so much easier navigating then this forum, I’m on a few Ohio bird groups, a purple martin group and our business page.
                      Sorry about your dog. I’m pet-less now and am surprised how much I’m enjoying the freedom. Never thought I’d be without a pet. It’s so hard when they’re ill.


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