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    Rich K

      Well, sad news from Western PA. I have a very strong suspicion that my female is gone. After the second brood fledged I saw her regularly at the meal worm feeder. On Wednesday she was on the outside of the box peeking in. I checked the box that night and there were 3 or 4 pine needles in there which is usually an indication that she is going to start building really soon. I have not seen her since Wednesday. The male is still hanging around, singing a lot with the mating song. No sign of her :( I think she may have been predated as there have been some Sharp Shinned and Cooper’s Hawks flying through the yard on occasion (goes with the territory with all my feeders around). I’m a little heartbroken to thing that she may be gone. There is the off chance that she chose another mate, but I am doubtful as they had great success here with two broods. Not sure if the male will be lucky enough to find another mate this late in the season. I have a feeling that is it for this year. The highs and lows of a Bluebird Landord! <sigh>


        Keep us posted, Rich. That is sad news. So sorry to hear that. It’s a heartbreak for sure.

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          So sorry, Rich – that is sad, but maybe she is still around – I know what you mean about instincts though.
          I’ll tell a story about what happened to one of my mama bluebird several years ago. She had four eggs due to hatch very soon when she disappeared. Still don’t know what happened. Just knew she was not sitting on the eggs, but I left them alone thinking papa might try to keep eggs warm (it was in the middle of summer & very hot). Low and behold 3 days later when I checked the eggs to my surprise they had hatched – without any incubation because papa blue was not even around. Well, I watched these babies closely – not being fed and were starving. I contacted a BB rehaber in Kansas City which is about 60 miles from me and asked their opinion about bringing them up there to see if they could be saved. They told me the chance was very slim they would even survive the trip, so I had to bury them – one had already died & rest were nothing but skin & bones. Natures is just cruel sometimes. P.S. From all I had read and heard from pros on this forum, even if I had tried to feed them they would probably not make it without parents teaching them about how to hunt, avoid predators, etc.


            Uggg that stinks! Dud year for my trail box too with loss of a whole clutch of ready to fledge babies to a completely random hosp attack. No tree swallow or blues in my yard this year either. Bad year for hosps…just been van erting all summer. Hope she returns Rich!!

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