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      Once again this is the most odd year I’ve seen with my blues, I saw the male both thursday and friday and twice he got on top of the female in a breeding manner, Which prompted me to wonder if she had indeed hatched the eggs she has been sitting on for two weeks. So I decided to take a peak inside when she was away and she indeed had babies hatched. I couldn’t really tell how many as they were all scrunched up. Mind you that I spend any sunny days outside and my boxes are close by to all my gardens and I use binoculars a lot to check out all the birds I have and what they are up to. Now out of nowhere the male has suddenly gone again, Haven’t seen him since friday and he has always stayed and helped with feeding the chicks and raising them. So i got my live mealworms in and started putting them out for mama and it’s like before, I whistle and she comes out and takes the live ones which are coated with calcium and takes them right into the house. She makes several trips and then eats the rest herself. She spends a lot of the day away looking for other bugs to. But it’s just me and her again. I find that very odd but hopefully he will return to help fledge them.


        There is a very good possibility this guy has another mate somewhere. His routine is starting to make me suspicious of him! When there is a shortage of males this kind of thing happens.

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          I have to agree I think he’s a two timer.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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