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    blue diamonds

      Received my winter newsletter from Michigan Bluebird Society. Good news, totals of fledged bluebirds are up from 2018 by 8.5%. Total numbers fledged in 2019 is 2,402 ….the 2018 total was 2,214. They didn’t include the total number of bb boxes, but reports submitted were 95. Reports included hosts that managed trails and hosts with individual boxes. The average number of fledglings per successful nest was 3.70.

      We are making a difference…….one bluebird at a time‼️

      Happy Spring,
      Judy – Michigan


        Hi Judy:
        That is great news that the BB numbers went up. I have seen Bluebirds on and off all winter long. I have one pair?? or at least i think it is one that check out the box that was in use last year every so often. I do have one box that no one seems interested in so I might switch it out for another one to see if I can entice an additional pair this year.
        Hope all is OK with you and that you are not having too rough of a winter.
        Happy Blue Birding,


          Judy –
          The more bluebirds the merrier! It’s great to know their populations continues to rise! It’s one of the best hobbies for anyone who loves nature to get involved in. And it really does make a difference.


            I agree Dana, it is a very rewarding hobby. I was always enthralled with hummingbirds and loved feeding and watching them, then after moving here to PA, I started seeing :bluebird: in the spring from time to time and sometimes they checked out the bird houses the previous owner had left, but none ever stayed, probably because the opening wasn’t the correct size.
            Then a few years ago I was in Walmart looking at Hummingbird feeders and spotted a :bluebird: box. I decided to purchase it and had my husband put it up for me and I was lucky enough to have :bluebird2: take up residence and raise a family. Since then I have been hooked, and have read and learned so much about this delightful bird species. :dancing:. I plan on continuing this hobby as long as I can, and am glad I found this group of people that love and enjoy these birds as much as I do.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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