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    Rich K

      Well, after 35 days of brooding she finally removed all the eggs. I went to do my morning check yesterday and noticed some nesting material on the ground. I checked and all 4 eggs were gone and nowhere to be seen (so I am 99% sure she removed them and not a Wren or HOSP, and I have a baffle to keep snakes off. I left the nest in the box and hopefully she will lay again, or rebuild in the slot box (the Male was checking the slot box out a couple of days ago). I can’t figure this one out as we didn’t really have any cold weather per se but when she started laying the weather was pretty cool so I am wondering if that did it, especially because all 4 were infertile. Sad, but it’s Nature, I get it. When it’s completely out of our control there’s no sense getting too upset. Just hoping they start again. The Male was around all day yesterday so I am hopeful, although today is very rainy and cool so I suspect nothing will happen for a couple of days.


        I’ve been wondering what happened, Rich. 35 days! That sounds like a record. Here’s hoping they start on brood #2 soon!! Wishing you only the best.

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          That does sound like a record – 35 days of incubating eggs (believe brooding is after they hatch and she keeps them warm). Hope they try again. Yes, Nature will definitely take its own course, but we can still be sad. Good luck next time.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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