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      Hello all,

      First time to the site. I set up ornamental houses in my front yard last year and had a blue bird pair stay in one. After seeing them work I was hooked. They had 3 successful broods and no loss, so was a good year.

      This year so far so good. Few tree swallows came by that were shoo’d off by BB’s. Then a house sparrow pair started building a nest in another near by house. BB’s and I kept them out while I removed nest. After a week of that I don’t see them coming around at all anymore. Just have to see how it goes, luckily working from home I can monitor closely.

      Something weird happened this year. The female took about a week to build the nest, everything went smooth and I checked it. Seems to be really nice with a cup and some feathers on top. I think she is done because she hasn’t really been going in with any material for past two days. This morning the male BB has been going to the other house (the sparrows were in) and looking in and sitting on it a lot all morning. And I saw him go in his house too (which he never did the whole nest building time, he might look it but never went in). But just now I saw him go in and rustle around with stuff then come out the house with a clump of material in his mouth then flew to tree and I’m assuming dropped it.

      Does anybody know what this might mean?


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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