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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      This is an update on my thread “Let the wars begin” where I have posted about my blues not nesting in our yard and seeing them go to the neighbor’s, but STILL COMING FOR THEIR WORMS!

      Well my idea about the Martin house was not correct – there are two large cavities in this tree which I discovered just a little while ago. I can see this from my property and it is definitely in the vicinity where we see the blues go – the Martin house is probably 40 feet away from this tree but still in close proximity, which is why we thought that was where they were nesting. I believe they (neighbors) do have martin residents, so that is good. This cavity in the tree in very high up so there is no way of knowing if there are eggs or babies, but I will know for sure if my blues start bringing worms over there! Little stinkers …………

      This is the first time in 11 seasons my blues have not had a nest in my yard – needless to say I am upset with them, but know I cannot do anything about it, so what will be will be. I am so worried about this neighbor’s outdoor cats, though, let alone the HOSP, wrens, etc.


        Bummer. But think about the good insulation they have in that tree! Just trying to cheer you up here.

        Atlanta, GA

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Thanks, Gin – we still are having some very cool nights, so this will keep them warm I guess – if YOU say so! I just talked to this neighbor tonight and asked her if she had seen a pair of bluebirds, and she said yes, and described exactly where they were, which is exactly where I watch them go to AFTER they eat my mealies! :flippingblue:


            Bummer, Carol!!


            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Well, my blues must have heard me, as they have moved back home! I believe the nest/eggs/babies or whatever they had at my neighbors’ got destroyed or something. Anyway, as I posted on another site “I’ve got an egg” I now have 2 eggs for sure and I believe 3, as I saw the pair at the box this morning and I have to be gone until around 1 pm when I will check for sure. I wasn’t sure if this was a new pair or my previous pair, but after watching for 2 days I’m sure it is my same pair, as they have been going from the mealworm bowl to my backyard area where the nest is and NOT to the neighbor’s. YEAH!


                Hurrah!!Carol, that is the best news. They knew who really cared for them. Looking forward to hearing how many eggs you end up with.
                Connie (PA)

                Carol – Mid-Mo.

                  Thanks, Connie, as of today I have four eggs and expect another tomorrow as she has not started incubating yet. Put wren guard up first (as I know there is at least 2 around) and then put up sparrow spooker yesterday and she laid this 4th egg so everything is going well so far. EXCEPT I ordered some meal worms which were supposed to be here yesterday and did not show up today. I am completely out and my blues don’t like going back to the peanut butter suet, but that is all I have – hope they come in tomorrow (Friday) and all will be fine. Hope I don’t have to make a trip to Kansas City (60 miles) to get some to get by.


                    YAY Carol!!!


                      Carol congrats! Great to hear the bluebirds are back! :hoppingblue:

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