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      If you can’t have your windows open due to the weather, allergies, air conditioning, security concerns, or for any other reason, you can still enjoy your favorite outdoor sounds with Nature’s Window – a completely self-contained system for listening to the sounds of nature from the comfort of your home.

      Be the first in your neighborhood to hear the spring birds; relax at night with the sounds of crickets without worrying about open windows; listen to your children playing outdoors without an open window letting allergens in or the air conditioning out. This monitor also doubles as a security device, allowing you to hear what’s going on outside your home while you’re secure behind closed doors.

      The NW3 standard unit consists of a base (speaker) unit, with a microphone at the end of a standard 6′ wire permanently attached to the base unit. The unit runs on A/C power and has a 5′ power cord.

      The probe wire with microphone at one end is passed through an open window that is then gently closed over the wire. The microphone picks up the sounds from a point just outside the house, and brings them in clearly.

      Nature's Window

      Nature’s Window can be purchased at There’s the basic 6′ hard-wired unit, and another unit with available options such as longer probe wires, a plug-in connector, a “line out” option for connecting to an existing in-house sound system, and a 12v battery powered unit for use in an RV, camper, or where there is no electricity available.

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