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      Carol, it was pretty hot and humid (not as severe as you have) here too for the whole week, up until today, now the almost constant wind from the North is actually a little chilly, not that I am complaining. I worried about my little ones too but was afraid to put anything on the box that might scare Mama and Papa away. They are about to fledge, Mama and Papa called to them all day long, but none was brave enough to take wing. Maybe it was for the best with the gusty wind. I have a feeling they will start leaving tomorrow. I hope I get to see at least one leave the nest. In the meantime when they are all gone from the nest I will clean the box and put a heat shield on just in case they start another family, since we can have a lot of hot/humid weather yet this summer
      I am glad yours have hatched, if that helps them survive in the heat, and Fourth of July babies is even more special.
      Good going Carol.
      Connie (PA)

    Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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