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    Rich K

      So it did get really cold here as expected in Western PA. Not as prolonged at night as it warmed up a little during the day but still cold. Yesterday should have been hatching day but it was only 35 in the AM and 43 during the day and very rainy. Today is sunny but still a little cold. I’m super nervous about opening up the box until it warms up outside. I have heard that opening the box can let a lot of valuable heat out and that is the last thing I want. I DO believe I have babies though due to the parents behavior. They loaded up on the meal worm breakfast this morning and both headed straight back for the box although I can’t see the entrance from the angle I am at due to the bush near the box. I think I will wait one more day to check as it is supposed to get up to 60 tomorrow, 80 by the weekend. Thoughts? :BlueBirds-baby3:

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Rich, PLEASE don’t open the box at this stage! Rule of thumb is not to open box after day 12 of hatching. You risk the chance of them jumping out/fledging at an inappropriate time (like parents not around to guide them, etc.). I, too, have babies due to hatch today, but I am just watching and making sure the parents are still taking the worms to the box, and they are, so I know they have not left yet. I believe the weather might keep parents from feeding like they should (even with help by offering mealworms) and therefore babies not quite large enough or ready to fly away.
        We must just wait it out and when the parents do not go to the box any more, it should be safe to check. Okay? Good luck.
        P.S. I have been watching to see if my babies are peeking out of the hole like they usually do a day or two prior to fledging, but have seen nothing yet. Maybe you can go outside and get at a different angle, and with binoculars see if you can spot them peeking – that is fun to watch.

        blue diamonds

          Rich, I think what see and hear points to good news. I’ve been wondering if your coverings and cold proofing of the bluebird box worked. Hopefully you will have 5 beautiful hatchlings when you are able to check. I would not open the box until it warms up, should only be a few days. Good luck!

          Carol, how exciting that yours are almost ready to fledge! I remember you had some worrisome cold evening too. Looks like everything is working out great. Hope you get to see them fledge. Happy birding!



            Rich I too am anxious to see how your babies faired during this blast of frigid weather. I hope they all made it. My nephews wife who lives in Indiana PA, lost the four she had, they were ready to fledge. It is such a sad occurrence.
            I understand this will be our last cold night with either frost or a freeze, I sure hope they are right. I have had my fill.

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