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      This is the first time I have posted here. I was trying to see if bluebirds would abandon a nest with 5 eggs in it. I live in Jacksonville Florida. I have not seen the female bluebird for at least 2 days maybe more. I seen the male yesterday morning. He was flying around the nest landing on our fence, then he would fly to the tree, then to the hole of our nesting box and then back to the fence. He seemed to be chirping or making some noise. He then flew away and I did not see him anymore yesterday or today. I usually see them in the early morning and late afternoon. We have been dealing with some heavy smoke from a fire near the Florida/Georgia line. I was wondering if this may have caused them to leave. Should I contact someone who deals with birds if the parents do not return and do something with the eggs. I hope these birds come back. They are so beautiful. Thanks in advance for any information.


        Welcome! Birds, in general, are very sensitive to the smoke and ash of wild fires. It is indeed possible that they are stressed by the fire in your area. Had mom been incubating the eggs, prior to the fire? I believe that as long as conditions in the area improve, mama will return, and the eggs will eventually hatch. Even if these eggs are eventually lost, the blues will certainly try again! Keep the faith!

        Bedford, New Hampshire


          Someone told me a while back to place some blades of grass across the opening so that you could be sure it was abandoned. Worked well. Then I could be sure they weren’t returning.


            The male returned this morning. He was once again flying from our fence, to the tree, to the nesting house, and then back to the fence. He was out there about 5 to 10 minutes. He then left. I never saw the female. Will the male care for the young if the something has happened to the female?

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Glad to hear your male returned – Of course, the eggs cannot hatch without a female incubating them, but I’m betting mama will reappear. Give it a little more time. No, don’t believe any rehabber would take just eggs, but I’m not sure, especially since they have been there for a while.
              Good luck.


                If incubation is interrupted the eggs won’t hatch. Typically they can’t go to rehab. I have put grass in entrance holes many times. Just wedge a piece in there and see what happens. If it remains there for two days the eggs will not be viable and you can remove everything once the male stops hanging around. But please wait for that to happen with him.

                Atlanta, GA

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