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      I have three babies hatched approximately May 21. The parents are attentive. However the nest that was built, was quite shallow especially in the front. I don’t have an extra nest and I realized today that one of the nestlings is pressed against the door of this Peterson style house rather than the nest. I assume I can no longer monitor, as it looks like one of the nestlings could easily plop out.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?



        As of today, they are 10 days old. This little guy is able to move around and will work his way back to the cup. Considering your description of the nest, I use the word “cup” quite loosely!

        Atlanta, GA


          My last nest consisted of exactly 11 pieces of pine straw and all made it. But my box is the side opening with the plexiglass. I love it. Just stick my camera over the plexiglass to monitor and no danger of falling out or injuring one.

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Evie, this is strange because my current box of 5 babies has a very shallow nest. When I looked the day they were born, they were so deep in the “cup” (like Gin says ‘loosely put’)I could hardly see them. Tomorrow they will be 4 days old and I plan to peek again, if it is not raining.
            I was a little worried because parents began feeding those babies meal worms the very next day after they were born. I had read that newborns do not digest them properly, so I was thinking that may have been the trouble with the 1st nestlings which died at 7 days old. I blamed it on the cold, damp weather, but it got me to thinking because they began feeding them worms right away also. Right now everything seems to be okay, so I will think positive and believe the parents know what they are doing!


              I wonder if that was part of my problem last time Carol. I know I had HOWR take eggs but the two survivors died about a week later with bloated bellies. Maybe I should wait a few days after this new batch hatches before feeding mealworms?

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