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      Hi Everyone:
      First I hope this thread finds all my fellow Bluebirders in good health.
      I was reading an article that said if a nest box has no activity you should try moving it, so that is what my husband and I did. We put the tools away and took a walk around the house and within 15 minutes there were a pair of BB’s at the box, I was so excited and could not believe my good fortune. I saw Papa chase a male, then saw Mama putting pine branches in the box and knew that was not the way things worked, so my excitement of a second pair did not last long. The front box has a complete nest, and from time to time I see the pair sitting on and checking out the second box. Now the question is should I remove the circle of pine she put there or leave it alone. I don’t think a second pair will claim the box with this nest starting in there. Looking forward to your opinions or insight.


      You should try moving the new nestbox out of sight of your other nest. Most recommend at least 300 feet between nests but I had a nest in my front yard flower garden (~150 feet away) but view-blocked by the house. I had 2 EABL families that year.

      Stafford, VA


        I am interested to see how this turns out!


          Hi David:
          We did not move the box, it definitely is not in view of the other box, but when they sit on the top of the trees or on the wire they can see it. Also on the way to the mealworm feeder. Just could not find another spot that wasn’t near a tree or something else. I did remove what she put in there, and nothing was put in to replace it. Maybe I am just destined to have only one pair. I am not giving up, still early.
          Connie (PA)

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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