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    Rich K
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    My Blues have settled on the Gilbertson at the back of the yard. I actually cut back some of the bushes there in the Fall and I think this may be why they chose it again after a 3 year hiatus (they nested in the slot box the last 3 years near the front of my backyard). We were away for the Easter weekend and I peaked in the box last night. There were some pine needles scattered on the bottom. This afternoon she had completed a good portion of the base with tight grasses. They have been hanging around all day catching insects and eating suet.
    Looking forward to some eggs soon!

    David in Stafford,VA
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    Good news. I am glad to hear that your blues have returned. We seem to have several nests either completed or close to it. It is going to hopefully be a good year for us.

    Stafford, VA

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    That is great to hear Rich. Keep us posted!

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