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      All the baby bluebirds were dead in the nest yesterday afternoon. They were bout 4-5 days old. l did not see the parents anywhere around. I’m guessing they abandoned the nest. I’m blaming it on the unseasonably cold and wet weather we’ve had here. Today I cleaned out the nest box, buried the babies, and discarded the nest. Still no sign of the adult bluebirds. The box is ready for them if they want to use it again or perhaps another pair will. After three long weeks of incubation I was so excited when they finally hatched. I was hoping they would make it. Just so sad they didn’t. Hoping for better luck next time around.

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Oh, Dana, so sorry about this – yes, you had some bad luck with the cold and them not hatching on time. I bet they, or another pair, will take the box soon.


        Dana, so sorry to hear this. Right when you are preparing for good things to happen. You must have had much cooler weather than we did ~150 miles south of you. Lets pray for a better outcome on the second sitting.

        Stafford, VA

        blue diamonds

          Dana……that is so sad, especially after they hatched. I hope you get a new nest soon. The weather second time around has got to be much better. Best wishes to you and your blues.



            Yes. Terrible spring this year in SE PA! First time in 4 years no tree swallows nesting in my yard. We had a freeze in early May. Hoping for something other than increased numbers of house sparrows. Maybe June will bring luck :(


              Thanks all so much for your replies. They haven’t come back. I keep watching for them to show up. I’m hoping a new pair will find my nest box and use it, perhaps for a 2nd brood. It’s still early enough in the season.

              Philly: Your absolutely right about it being cold here for May. In fact the morning I found the bluebird chicks dead, that night there was a freeze and the temps went down to the lower 30s. And a few days before that we had unseasonably cold windy days. I miss the heck out of the bluebirds right now.


                Dana, I’m so sorry to hear this! It’s such a great source of joy to watch these birds do their thing and raise their young. The good news is that it’s still early here in PA (I’m north of Harrisburg). Here’s hoping a pair of happy blues will come and surprise you with a nest! Cleaning up the box is definitely a great first step toward that. Last year I had 3 nestings, so that could even happen for you. Be encouraged! As Judy says, the weather has to be better this time around.

                This spring’s weather has been downright rude. I didn’t lose any veggies to the frosts b/c I waited to plant, but many did and had to replace entire gardens. I was very worried about the blues here, but they hatched all 4 eggs. I’m so thankful.


                  Hi Julie! Nice to hear from another Pennsylvanian! I just love bluebirds and so happy another pair is using my nest box. They are in the nest building stage right now. I totally agree this Spring was horrible and I blame the cold spells for the loss of the 1st brood. Now that summer is in full swing I am hopeful for this pair. Thanks again for replying!

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