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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Good day – have 3 new baby blues and 2 eggs remaining to hatch today AND caught the male HOSP which has been round for about 1 month, waiting for a mate. Well, he built a nest and this morning early the female was around, so knew this was his mate. Set the trap and in less than 5 minutes he went in – By-By.


        Carol, that is great news on both fronts, new hatchlings and one less Hosp, the day couldn’t be better on the home front.
        Connie (PA)

        blue diamonds

          Congratulations Carol……waiting to hear about the other two eggs. Glad you caught that rascal house sparrow, in record time. I was trying to trap a pair of HOSP, both on top of the house. Trap was set for 5 hours and they never went in.

          Judy – Michigan

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Connie & Judy, Thanks – Yes, I now have 5 baby blues in the nest and mama seems to be doing her brooding duty.

            Learning when to set the inbox trap takes some time. I have found the best thing to do when you see a male HOSP claiming the box (and they do this by sitting on top of it, going inside some, back on top, singing – putting nesting material in it) is to keep watch until a female shows up. I will check the nest periodically before any eggs are laid. But I don’t set the trap until I’m sure he has a mate. Only about 2 or 3 times is all these years have I waited a little too long and there was an egg in the nest – I did not like doing what I had to do when this happens – I want to catch him before any eggs.


            Great news Carol. It is good to hear of your HOSP trapping also. Keep up the good work

            Stafford, VA


              Congrats Carol!! I believe yours and mine may possibly fledge the same day. Wouldn’t that be cool!

            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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