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      First year with bluebirds in my birdhouse. This spring he sat advertising on top of the birdhouse. Finally late in the spring a lady blue showed up with him. She mad a beautiful nest, but that seemed to end the nesting stage. No eggs ever layed, they are still around (like their snacks), he occasionally will go in the house and come out. This late in the season (90’s) should I leave the nest or remove it to encourage her to rebuild?

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Welcome Percy – 1st year of birding is always a learning experience, to say the least. If this nest was built in the spring and still no eggs, I would be tempted to remove the nest & let them begin again I think. BUT, have you looked inside the box to see what might be wrong – are there any ants, wasps, etc.? Are you sure it is the same pair that built this nest, not a new lady or something? It could be she laid eggs elsewhere and (like you said) like their snacks (mealworms?) at your place. Could be lots of different scenarios. Don’t know where you live, but my pair have built their 3rd nest – but no eggs yet, so I don’t believe it is too late yet, although getting there. You will learn things each year and a GREAT website for info is Check it out, most of us here use it faithfully, although there are many, many years of hands-on-experience among our moderators and participants here on this forum. Good luck.


          My parents had a nest built on top of a chickadee nest. It went unused for a few weeks. They removed it and a week or two later they rebuilt and laid eggs. Only one experience, but they will rebuild if they want to use the box I believe.


            Carol the box and nest is clean, no critters. But I think you have hit on something I hadn’t thought of, that they have a nest somewhere near by. The last couple of days, they have not come together to get their mealworms. One and then the other, maybe incubating at anoter location. Strange, because he is so protected of her. If another bird comes near he will circle above her while she eats. We watched him chase a squirrel away when it came near the feeding post. Thanks for your reply and I will just wait to see if they bring any babies to eat.
            Even without new babies they are still enjoyable to watch.


              In my experience, remove or leave the nest. It really doesn’t make much difference. I wouldn’t remove it because, like Brad said, they will do that job if they want to.

              Atlanta, GA

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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