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    Rich K

      So Susie has been really picky. She was going back and forth between the Gilbertson and the Slot Box the past week. I thought for sure they had picked the Gilbertson after I nuked 4 HOSP’s thanks to the Van Ert. I checked the box a few days ago and to my utter surprise it was completely empty. I checked the slot box and nothing. My heart sank. (Don’t you hate that feeling?). Billy and Susie were still hanging around the yard though. Last Friday I checked the slot box and there was a single layer of pine needles. Some hope. I checked Sunday and the nest is about 3/4 complete!! Hopefully I will get a complete nest and eggs by EOW. The Gilbertson remains empty (with the Van Ert set) but I did catch another male HOSP in it about 20 minutes ago! On another note I do have my WBNU family nesting in the tree next to the EABL house! They usually nest in the cavity that is about 25 feet up. They have become so friendly over the years that they barely move when I fill up the feeders!!


        Rich, this made me laugh. You sound just like me! Wondering, wondering what they’re doing!! There’s nothing like that feeling of seeing a complete nest and knowing eggs are on the way. It always makes me smile. Checking the box is one of my favorite times of day. Also, congrats on the Van Ert success. I just caught a male HOSP in the TRES box in the last hour. Love your story about the WBNU!! Nature is such fun.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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