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      I think my blues have a new nest underway:

      bluebird nest, i think?

      This started out with a circle of debris from my hickory tree, these stringy things which i think are the spent male flowers. Now it has the circular grass on top. This is in another peterson box, its hole was enlarged by a woodpecker but i put a metal 1 1/2 guard over it.

      The mom i saw perched on the box and she is still coming to eat mealworms.

      i have an infestation of wrens. I mean every step in the yard i hear three or four of them, apparently offspring. I am determined now to remove sticks ASAP when i see them.

      SW Ohio

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Yep, looks like a new nest being made. Yes, you have to keep on those wrens – they can be very determined when it come nesting time. BUT they are a native and protected bird so we have to be cautious not to harm them. Good luck on the 2nd nesting of blues.


          Had the first blue egg laid today, 2 July.



            Chris, I don’t think there is ANYBODY who detests HOWR more than I do! Seriously.

            This season I have a new female who is too dense to get around a wren guard. First attempt, only two of her eggs hatched and the second day after hatching the chicks were both removed by a wren. Second attempt, the first 3 eggs were stolen. She kept trying in the same box and apparently that wren finally got busy with his own nest and 2 were able to fledge last week. The craziest part was there were a total of 6 sticks loaded into the box.

            So…good luck with those sneaky things. You could try a guard if you have time to watch and see if she accepts it.

            Atlanta, GA


              Its 6 pm and i notice the 2nd egg has been laid, so i put up the sparrow spooker, waiting to see if mom accepts it. (i didnt see the first egg til almost dark.)

              I finally saw the fledgelings from the previous nesting, they are in maple tree in my yard now, and this time dad was taking mealworms to each individual bird.

              I have so many wrens i am assuming i should try the wren guard, its something ive never done. i do have a couple of days off from work so i have time to mount one and remove it if they don’t accept it.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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