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      Hi all! About two years ago i got into bluebirds and wanted to bring them to my backyard along with the othe traditional song birds a feeder will bring. I had my feeder out with one side of the glass out for about a year with a little dish i mounted on the roof of the feeder in hopes they BB would aee my mealworm offer and stop by. After a year i did get a glimpse of one that landed on the feeder for a minute or so but never went inside the hole as i had pht the second side of glass back on it. Have seen BB in the area but non at my feeder since. I have an open back yard with cedar row on one side. Birdbath is present and plentyof food. Any ideas why i havent seen any since? I do. Ot have room for a nesting box unfortunately. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks all!


        Bluebirds, in my opinion, are most attracted to nestboxes. Put one up and see if they find it. It takes work to get them to find your meal worm feeder. And that particular feeder take more time then some of them. I feel the grid/jail style feeder is easier for them to navigate initially.
        Several of us drew bluebirds to our yards by putting up a nestbox. Then we introduced and offered mealworms in a clear or white smooth sides glass type of shallow dish. A mealworm feeder was our last step.


        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Totally agree with what Tammy has said. Best to draw them first with a nestbox & then introduce them to the worms (cage-type feeder is best for this to exclude the larger birds who could eat you into bankruptcy!).

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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