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    We had a surprise visitor yesterday at the bird feeder. My wife called me to the window and we saw this male Red-breasted Grosbeak come to the deck to feed. This is the first time that we have seedn this bird at or feeder. Northern Virginia is on the extreme southern edge of their summer brooding range. I am hoping that this one and his mate will stay in the wooded area behind our house.

    Stafford, VA

    blue diamonds

      So cool you have the male red-breasted grosbeak visiting…..especially when it’s a rare occasion in your area. We do see them around here, they like to eat the grape jelly along with the Baltimore Orioles. Beautiful bird….love the red chest.

      Judy – Michigan


        What a great surprise David, they definitely are a gorgeous bird. The female is so dull looking it is surprising they are a pair. Hope yours hangs around, we have one that can wrangle its way into the mealworm feeder so he always shows up at dinner time, and like Judy said they share the jelly with the Orioles.
        Connie (PA)

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Wow, beautiful – congrats and hope he stays around. By the way, very nice pictures of him, David.


          Thanks all. This is our first experience with this bird so I am reading everything I can on their habits, food, nesting, etc. So far this one has not approached the mealworm feeder or the hanging feeder, just the dish on the deck. I do have a hopper feeder that I am going to put up either tomorrow or Thursday.

          Stafford, VA


            So gorgeous. I have seen a lot more reports of them this year. I heard one singing last week but he didn’t come to the feeder. They apparently love safflower seeds. I have oriole feeders all over and was fortunate to have a rare female stay all winter in my yard. But now nothing but catbirds and robins gobbling it all up. Good to know grosbeaks enjoy it too.

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