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      I have provided several nest boxes for hosp to occupy but no takers
      Does anyone have advice as far as placement or box design that they prefer?
      I’m in NW Missouri-I thought they would at least use them at night for warmth
      Darrell in KC

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        I, too, am in Missouri (mid-central), and I have had HOSP roost in my regular bluebird boxes a few times, and this is when I set my VanErt in-box trap. I don’t believe you need anything special – they will probably take over anything. We have only had one really cold spell (minus about 4-5 degrees) here so far this year, so maybe it is just not cold enough yet. I know KC is usually a little colder than we are (we are about 70 miles southeast), but I have not had any HOSP roosting this year uet, at least not to my knowledge. They are definitely around, though, as I feed peanut butter suet in my cage feeder, and they usually come around to that (UGH). But sometimes my 7 or 8 bluebirds do chase them off until they have had their fill.


          I agree. They will take anything. Give them time. Here in about February the HOSP start searching for boxes, even though it’s too cold for nests. Once that starts happening you’ll see them visiting your boxes. Obviously don’t put your inbox trap in until you see one going in and out of the box.



            I am assuming by using the term hosp. you mean bluebirds. I read and did some research before I set up my 2 bluebird boxes here in rural Pa. I read that they like the boxes lower than other birds. If I remember right that height is 3 feet. I live in the woods and within a week from setting mine out a bluebird family moved in. There was a wren family that tried moving in and they sent them packing. lol My bluebirds have never left and am thrilled like crazy. Larry


              hosp= house sparrow
              I am trying to trap the little rats!

              Carol – Mid-Mo.

                Larry – the height of the box is AT LEAST 5′ or little more – not 3′. That would allow for easier access for predators. I’m not familiar with PA weather, but I live in Mid-Missouri and my blues have always stayed all winter also, but further in Northern Missouri I believe most migrate. I posted on your other topic about the nests & mealworms. WELCOME to this forum!

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