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      Happy Spring everyone!
      You may remember me as the one last year who put too much extra stuff on my box (extended hole, fishing line) and scared away my bluebirds :(( I did however have successful boxes in our community garden and “discovered” a late nest in an area I walk in.
      This year I have many bluebirds coming to my feeders! Even at my window!!
      I’m debating whether to use the same box I used last two years or buy a new one. The box was a gift from my mother and I do love it. I had a 75% successful brood first year; we lost one baby to a sparrow attack. Then last year, they came twice but rejected it.
      I’ve had issues with trapping in this box where the trap doesn’t spring, but I think I’ve fixed it–just tested. I dunno … will the bluebirds remember the box and reject it, would I be better off with a new box? It’s hard for me to say goodbye to this box for sentimental and visual reasons but I don’t want another failure summer! I was soo sad!
      Thoughts welcome …?
      I thought we could attach our own pictures, don’t see the option. Here’s a link …
      My bluebird box
      P.S. I don’t think that link works so it’s the White Flower Farm Bluebird Cottage.

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      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Hi, Sky – I don’t have any real answers for your questions – if you had good luck with the box you have I would be tempted to try it – also the more boxes you can put up the better choice they have. Of course, you must have enough room to put up more than one. I believe you need at least 100 feet
        between boxes to be successful. My pair of blues have been around scouting, but I hope they do not build a nest too soon, although last year I had eggs by mid March.

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