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      We are starting the season off to a good start so far, I have learned to never get excited till the babies fledge, but we have 5 gorgeous eggs in our box!
      We have had 5 successful broods in the last 3 seasons. We would have had 6 but our first pair of Bluebirds were chased off last year after completing a nest. To my surprise Tree Swallows came, laid 3 eggs and when the little ones were 7 days old we lost them to Sparrows. Since then I have trapped several Sparrows with Van erts and cage traps.
      We have a spooker in place and I am optimistic about this go around.
      I was also thrilled to see a pair of Tree Swallows checking out a second box we have here!
      Good luck to all of you for a good successful season!

      Bobs Farm

        Awesome, look forward to hearing the updates.


          Yay, on your eggs. I have 5 eggs in a box further away from the house. Grrr…no way I can monitor it way back there as much as I normally do. I’m not even sure when she laid them! WE have TRES galore!


          Love my blues!

            I do hope this is a successful nesting for you & the blues this time. I’ve got 6 4-day old bluebird babies & have the sparrow spooker up too. I’ve seen a pair of HOSP hanging around & the male fly up to the box a couple of times where the female bluebird shooed him away. Just praying that those babies successfully fledge. Bless those innocent little things!

            Birmingham, AL. :bluebird6:

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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