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      After losing nestlings to sparrow attacks in 2020 I made it a mission since that year to eradicate sparrrows from my suburban Philly neighborhood. I am up to aboit 150 since then and I finally feel like it has made a vmreal visible impact! I know it will always be a battle but for the first time in 15 years living here I hardly see any around here. And for the first time I am starting to see bluebirds scoping out my neighborhood this winter. I really hope we turned a corner and wanted to give hope to anyone who thinks it is impossible to eliminate sparrows. Just keep chipping away. It works! My street was infested with them last winter. Nothing the past 2 months.


        Great job!!!
        I said the same thing over the years…”I’ll never make a dent in my HOSP population.” At the time i could see 80-100 at any given time in my yard. Now the most I see together is around 6. I’m amazed at the difference I’ve made.
        The bad news is, this 6 or so HOSP still wreck havoc on my bluebird nestboxes. 😢



          Thanks! Great job to you too Tammy. I am sure it was you and others that gave me the spark to give it a go. Seemed hopeless. I remember a very inspiring youtube video of a guy who said he was catching 500 a year for 2 or 3 years and now he is down to a handful. People joked that you’ll never get rid of them so what’s the point? I figured you have to start with your own yard and block and not worry about the whole area. I have a theory that bluebirds hear that hosp sound and move on. Today was a big day. While I have seen bluebirds once in a bluebird moon….this week I have been seeing them regularly. Today I had 4 or 5 hanging around off and on all day! Hard to believe I really thought I’d never see the day. So excited what spring may have to offer. Now if they woild just darnwell find my mealworm feeder!! They just won’t get close enough yet.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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