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      Genuinely proud of the little guy today, as he didn’t back down from the resident Cooper’s Hawk! The Hawk made a legitimate run at him while my wife and I were outside working around the property, and once papa blue escaped the initial attack, he went right back at the hawk in an attempt to drive him away from the area of the nest box. It was beyond awesome to see! I am not endorsing his actions, mind you, I am just impressed by and proud of his bravery. Our Cooper’s Hawk doesn’t play around; he plucks a tufted titmouse or two each week when I have my feeding station set up. That is one of the many reasons I take it down during nesting season. I had not seen him in over a month, but today he came hunting. I made the hawk about 15 seconds before papa blue, but he was ready for the attack and got out of harm’s way with room to spare. I take back much of what I have said in earlier posts, about my papa blue. He earned a great deal of respect, today!

      Bedford, New Hampshire


      GO Papa Blue!!!! :hoppingblue:

      Stafford, VA


        That’s why I love my tough Papa blue!!!

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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