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      Does anyone have information about bluebird egg fertilization? Can eggs be fertilized a couple weeks before they are laid? Here’s the story: On April 32, 2014, with the 4th egg laid that morning, the BB clutch was attacked by HOSP. Ultimately all 4 eggs were destroyed. I noticed that Mama BB initially was not receptive to the attention of her mate. But she was nest building in earnest by May 4. The first of 6 eggs was laid May 11.

      The interesting thing is that only two of those six eggs hatched. When I finally removed the 4 eggs, I opened one and it appeared to be unfertile. I have wondered if the two that hatched were meant to be part of the first clutch that was attacked. And the remaining 4 were after the attack and they were never fertilized.

      What do you think? Has anyone read information that would shed some light on this little BB mystery?

      May 2019 be filled with Bluebird Joy.

      Willamette Valley, Oregon


        I’m not sure, Cari and I tried to look it up and couldn’t’ find anything on it. That could be the case but not necessarily. A lot of us have had a lot of infertile eggs without losing eggs to HOSP. So even if eggs can be fertilized later, there’s no way of knowing if that’s what happened. I wish we could know these things. It drives us crazy. Maybe Gin will know?



          Wish I did know so I could help with this. Sorry. I have no idea.

          Atlanta, GA


            Another thing you don’t know, Gin? I think I might faint. :ROFL:


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