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    Perry R

      I spotted this on a maker site.


      He built a pi controlled camera that came on and recorded when it detected motion. He originally had a chickadee, but somewhere along the line a bluebird too over.


        Cool blog. That seems way too much work for me. Are you thinking of putting one up?


        Perry R

          I might, though I’m not sure I’d have anything to look at. I can’t get the bluebirds to nest in my boxes. I put the boxes up and they check them out, walk the roofline, look all excited, then disappear and aren’t seen again until September. When the whole brood stops by to say “hi”. It’s good that they’re nesting somewhere, but I’m not closing the sale. I got a house wren this year, which is better (in some sense) than the previous two seasons, which were total shutouts.

          What I have the most of here are grey phoebees, house finches, hummingbirds, acorn woodpeckers, and ravens. I also get a lot of hooded orioles in May, feeding from my Grevillea robusta. None of which take to a nest box. Surprisingly few HOSP and EUST.


            Hi Perry:
            I hope you have better luck with the Blues next season. I read somewhere on here where some people have waited for 5 years to get their first pair of BB’s. I am sure lots of people have had the same experience as you or like the person that waited 5 years. Never give up.
            Connie (PA)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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