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      Have a recently purchased trap and it definitely works, but I am getting far too many song sparrows and I know we have a large population of HOSP.

      Trap is about 6 inches off ground with plywood underneath. Using White Millet as bait and keeping a live decoy HOSP when I get more than one.

      Is there a bait that attracts HOSP better than White Millet?

      Should the trap be located higher off the ground?

      thanks for yiou help!!


        Sorry, I’m new to HOSP trapping too and don’t have any answers for you, only questions. Do you have other feeders out? I’m trying to figure out what will interest my HOSP in the trap.

        I have heard people say placing it 2-3 feet off the ground helps, so it might be worth trying.

        I had a lot of activity the first 2 days but squirrels eat the outside bread and no birds have shown interest in the bread inside my trap.

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Cardon, what you have described using the trap is about what I have read about. I have used a ground trap only very little because I, too, was getting too many other birds. White millet, trap up off the ground and keeping a decoy is what I have heard others do. Possibly a little higher than 6 inches may be what is needed, but 3 feet sounds a little high. Don’t know. Oh, by the way, white bread pieces is also supposed to be something they like – think big box stores where people throw out scraps of bread from sandwiches, etc. – tons of HOSP there. That is what I used and did catch some but way too many other birds. I just do the in-box trapping.


            Mine is less than 6 inches off the ground, and right next to some bushes. I’ve caught 3 Song Sparrows, 5 Cowbirds, and bunches of HOSP. I HATE catching the Song’s, but I,m hoping that they’ll remember and not get trapped again. Unfortunetly if I move it close to the feeders, or raise it up signifigantly I make it visible from the road, and I don’t entirely trust my neighbors to not try to release the sparrows. So I cope.


              You are always going to catch other birds. Don’t leave your trap unattended. I have even had a Cardinal in mine. Make sure you have water and food in the trap and you check it. I check mine every three hours.

              I use cracked corn in mine. The yellow does seem to attract the HOSP


                White millet is my choice but you can try bread crumbs and see if that might draw HOSP in more than natives….or popcorn, Frenchfries etc. As suggested make sure you have water and food in the trap. It seems like once I have some HOSP in there I catch less natives. I sometimes have to release a native bird daily. Always keep a decoy in the holding area if you can. HOSP draws more HOSP.



                  Thanks all. HOSP interest has increased, although mostly female. Lots of songs, and oddly female and juvy blackbirds….

                  In any even I appreciate the responses. I thought I had notifications set up to get an email when there was a reply, but I must not have checked the option.

                  Anyway, thank you all!

                  Now have my first brood and should be fledging net week!! :BlueBirds-baby3:


                    Another win in the HOSP battle! Congrats!

                    Atlanta, GA


                      Theres always an influx of juvie HOSP in August every year here so it’s a good time to trap.


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