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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      So sad, this late afternoon around 7:00 I found a hummer in my garage, flying up toward the ceiling, resting on rails of door, flying around, etc. Don’t know how long it had been there. I was checking on Google, as a few years ago same thing happened and I got it out, something about the light & dark, etc. After searching I finding everything from sweeping it with a broom, rake, etc, which I believe just exhausts it more, I went to the garage, by this time it was about 8:00 & getting close to dark, I opened the door from house to the garage and did not see him, thought – great – he made it out! But I went out and found it on the floor of the garage. I gently picked it up with a glove & it moved slightly, so I gently threw it outside and it landed in the soft grass. I left it alone for about 15 or 20 minutes & went out & looked again and he was dead. So sad . Anyone know the trick to getting one out of a garage of house? Seems like it has something to do with getting it dark in the garage and then doing something…….

      Love my blues!

        I sure hate that! They are the sweetest little things! I know nothing on how to handle that. So sorry!



          Sorry! I have no ideas for you. How tragic…but it isn’t your fault.



            What I have done is close the garage door and open the windows. If it’s light enough outside they can make their way out. So sorry, Carol.

            Atlanta, GA

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Thanks Gin & all – yes it has to do something with making it dark inside the garage. I’ll read up more on it this winter. I do remember whatever I did several years ago, worked. One thing I did get was that they are attracted to the red on the pull cord handle (on the manual opening rope for the door) & suggested putting black tape around it. I did this and haven’t had this problem until last week.

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