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    BZ–W Ctrl MO

      I was beginning to wonder if my pair of BB would ever start a second nesting. My first fledge of the season (5 babies) was May 16, on a cold, rainy morning. Since then I have seen the male almost every day, and the female only occasionally. I was starting to have doubts that they would start another nest. But yesterday (June 2) I saw mom go into another one of my boxes several times with nesting materials, and this morning she is very busy doing the same. Pop mostly just sits on the power line or on another pole and watches her work. My wife says it’s pretty much the same in our house! Anyway, I’ll be eagerly awaiting that first egg! Wish me luck.


      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Yes, good luck. My first nest of babies is due to hatch about next Tuesday, and we are going out of state so I will probably miss it. They were sooooo slow to get going this year and first nest of 5 eggs the female I believe was killed or died after about 2 days of incubation. But papa was quick to find another gal. I have no idea if they will try another nesting, but sure hope so, as my previous papa & 3 different mates always had 3 clutches each year over a period of 6 seasons. Of course, our Missouri weather this year has been crazy, and I’m kind of glad they did not get in on all that cold, wet weather we had in May.

        Love my blues!

          Good luck to both of you!


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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