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      My blues have gone in to secret mode, Haven’t seen the fledglings at all and the parents have stopped taking mealworms all together. I’ve watched the male and female chasing each other and courting. She is slipping in and out of the house very sneaky like in the early morning. I’m hoping to get a chance and peek but i’m assuming eggs are being laid. I was hoping the fledglings would be coming to the feeder but I think they have taking them away from the area all together. I’ll just have to keep watching and hope i’m wrong. at least there will be more baby blues in the world real soon. i’ll keep posting on the progress. Shhhhhhh


        If they have been gone less than two weeks it might be a little longer until they come begging to the feeder. Some come sooner, some later. It just depends on where they are led by the adults. When they do come, they won’t feed themselves but will sit there just begging. That’s pretty funny.

        Atlanta, GA


          Exactly how mine are. Neighbor two doors down told me they moved to his yard. At one month finally taking some of their own mealworms. They are little brats, I tell you!


            My female started her nest within a week of fledge. Dad took over all parental responsibilities early on.


              Mine are tending 5 eggs and feeding fledglings. Busy parents.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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