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      Things sure have been active around here. As you may know I had 5 Bluebirds successfully fledge a couple weeks ago. We had lost daddy during that period but mom has a new man. She still feeds her juveniles, but her new man seems to be trying to kick them into shape! Yesterday momma very quickly but efficiently built her second nest.
      About 25 feet away we have TRES nesting with 6 eggs.
      We have a small yard so to me this is a very exciting time!

      Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a soap opera in my own back yard, I love this kind though! :woohoo:

      Love my blues!

        So glad your Mom found a new mate! Sure hope she continues to care for those fledgers. Pretty sure my female is in same situation yours was in. Haven’t seen the male in over a week at all! Should have hatchlings for 2nd brood as early as tomorrow. Pretty sure she’s going to be on her own, but will do all I can to help her. She was calling for her/a mate today. So sad! Glad to have heard your experience or I would be a wreck!


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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