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      Hi Blue Bird Landlords:
      So good to see we are back on again. I could not figure what had happened, but glad the problem was just temporary.
      I have a pair of Bluebirds again, not sure they are the same pair, but it is likely they are. Mama built a beautiful nest but even though I would catch her sitting in there on and off for a couple week there were no eggs. Then on the 6th of this month when I saw her in there for quite some time so checked it out and there was egg #1. She laid one each day thru the 10th, and then started brooding them on the 11th. It has been awfully cold and we have had snow several times so I am hoping the eggs faired out well through it all.
      I find they are very aggressively
      Love this year. Anyone else noticing that? They dive bombed me even when the nest was empty so I can imagine how they will react once there are babies.
      Hope everyone is doing OK, and that we all have several clutches fledging this year.

      Connie (PA)


        Connie, so glad to see you back! I’ve been wondering if you have bluebirds. I’m in central PA, and I had a male a long time with no mate, then he finally got one, but we had our deck being repaired and I think with all the commotion they went somewhere else. We did have snow yday, and I saw the male on the box today, so I plan to check all the boxes tomorrow. But it seems late now. Anyway, I was thinking today about you and wondering if you had nest or eggs yet. Thank you for sharing!! Enjoy your blues!
        julie (PA)

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Connie, yes, so glad to hear from you – I about had a stroke when this forum went down!!!

          Anyway, my pair were VERY early this year, first egg was on March 25, and they are now 10 days old, with parents feeding them mealworms which I provide. I was really worried about this early nesting because we have had either 2 or 3 freezes, plus very cool temps during the daytime for most of their nesting, but mama and papa blue did a fantastic job of keeping eggs and babies warm. I have not had them that aggressive toward me – they know where their goodies come from!! Good luck

          Julie, hope you get your blues back – one year I had the same problem with some roofing work being done but they stuck around their nest anyway.


            I checked all the boxes this morning. I have 3 Gilbertsons scattered around, and all 3 have evidence of chickadee activity. One has a nice nest underway. The other 2 have the start of a nest. Maybe decoys? I’m not sure. I have one other box the chickadees use, and it seems to have a pair there. I can’t check it easily & don’t want to disturb them. They tend to give up rather easily.

            This morning the bluebird couple came and went in and out of the box with the furtherest-along chickadee nest, so not sure yet what is unfolding. It encourages me, Carol, that your blues came through the cold well. I was worried and wondering and praying. So happy they are doing well!!


              Connie welcome back! I’m really happy the forum is back also. I was really bummed when I couldn’t log on. Good to hear your bluebirds have returned and nesting is under way. Keep us posted!

              Dana in PA

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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