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      Hi Blue Bird Landlords:
      So good to see we are back on again. I could not figure what had happened, but glad the problem was just temporary.
      I have a pair of Bluebirds again, not sure they are the same pair, but it is likely they are. Mama built a beautiful nest but even though I would catch her sitting in there on and off for a couple week there were no eggs. Then on the 6th of this month when I saw her in there for quite some time so checked it out and there was egg #1. She laid one each day thru the 10th, and then started brooding them on the 11th. It has been awfully cold and we have had snow several times so I am hoping the eggs faired out well through it all.
      I find they are very aggressive this year. Anyone else noticing that? They dive bombed me even when the nest was empty so I can imagine how they will react once there are babies.
      Hope everyone is doing OK, and that we all have several clutches fledging this year.

      Connie (PA)

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