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    Rich K

      Anyone else having issues with Starlings this year? I usually get them just passing through in Winter or Early Spring but this year they are ridiculous. I captured 14 juvys and 1 adult in the Tomahawk trap just this morning and quickly dispatched them. Hoping they get the hint because they are chasing the Blues and all the other good birds! My feeders are for the most part Starling proof but I do have some open feeders for other birds.


        I hate starlings so much. I caught a ton of them a month ago. My neighbor was breeding them in a giant ridiculous decorative “purple martin” house. So I caught them all in my sparrow ground trap. Just put a ton of dried mealworms in it and they just pour in. Ever since then (caught about 20 or so) they haven’t been too bad.

        Yeah. My one year I almost got bluebirds to nest in my yard I made the mistake of putting dried mealworms out to entice them more. Ended up attracting starlings and the blues never came back! Good luck. People around here seem to love breeding them. Too much ignorance on these invasive rats with wings.

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          Not many starlings here in warm weather.They must sense they are not welcome.

          Many years ago i helped my dad build a Troyer starling trap, its huge, probably 4 x 5 x 4 feet, V-shaped hardware cloth funnel on top, and a door, you can actually go in the trap. He would wait til he got 30 to 50 starlings in there, go in with a small fishing net, catch them and put them in a bag.

          He was operating it in view of the street, and one day as he crawled out of the trap with a bag of starlings some lady had her car parked giving him a strange look. I smile when i think of that. I had somebody this winter tap their brakes and give me a look when i carried a DRST trap full of starlings around to the back yard.

          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            I have lots of starlings, also – they mostly just annoy me by splashing all the water out of my two bird baths and leaving their mess all over everywhere. I’ve seen a few try to get into my bluebird boxes, but of course they cannot fit. Once in a while they have wiggled into my cage feeder where I feed suet in the winter and mealworms in the summer but they quickly leave when I show up. I don’t try to use my repeating trap – I’m getting too old to take care of that and I usually catch everything except what I need to. HOSP I take care of with my VanErt inbox trap.

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