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    Rich K

      Just when I thought I had these two figured out! I checked the box at 10 this morning and there were still 4 eggs. Momma was in and out of the box as I was working in the yard (the two of them are NOT shy at all – they literally land on the grass two feet away from me to get insects!). I decided to check the box again around 5 tonight when I saw Momma on the branch next to the box and Dad was on the fence. Low and behold – a FIFTH egg! Who knows if there will be 6th egg tomorrow but these two are the most entertaining pair I have had to date!


      Rick, I will bet that your blues have been watching you doing the yard work and know that as you are raking or mowing in the lawn, you make grubs, worms and insects available. And they do not see you as a threat.
      It is good to see that 5th egg. Enjoy the blues!

      Stafford, VA


        Great news Rich, 5 eggs, has the 6th one appeared? Watching all the birds here is so entertaining, the male Ruby Throat Hummingbirds are here as are the Orioles. My Bluebirds have babies they are taking care of, so sitting out when the weather permits is a lot of fun. Oh by the way the bear was back and took the Mealworm feeder down and caused more damage to it this time. Hope all is going good by you.


        Connie What’s with the bear? Is there any way to keep him away from that feeder? Be careful out there.

        Stafford, VA

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Connie, yes, it is very relaxing to watch all the spring bird activity right now – I have about 7 or 8 days yet for the baby blues to fledge, the ruby throat hummingbirds are here at my feeder as asre the Baltimore Orioles, both male & female – what a sight to behold! AND I disposed of the male & female HOSP this late afternoon – I just waited them out, their nest was about half built, I set the trap and caught the female first and then had the male within an hour! Been a very good day. This male HOSP has keeping busy at this box and another one close by for several weeks – love to keep them busy at their own box and be able get rid of them at the right time.

          David is right – what’s with this bear – please be careful – I know you all are used to them but they are still bears!

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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