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      Well, you think you know so much …
      I gave a stern lecture to the head landscape guy at an historic house in town, because their bluebird box was falling apart (split wood, door wouldn’t close, mossy nest hanging part of the way out …) explaining that if they weren’t going to monitor the box, they should take it down. He was very polite, agreed with me … and then left it up.
      Was I ever surprised when, on a recent walk there, I opened the box and saw baby birds! I sat on a rock to see who might be living there … and a bluebird lands on top! Thanks to the extremely dry weather here, the box has done okay. I offered to install a baffle, a spook, etc., but they insisted on doing it the “natural” way. I sure hope they make it! As of today, mom was feeding them.
      P.S. What they don’t know is that I found a sparrow nest with eggs in the box a few weeks ago … and removed it. So they think they’ve done it all “natural,” but there was a little bluebird fairy who helped things along …

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Aren’t you the sly one!! The BB fairy wins again! That group needs to know the rule – if you put up a BB house, you need to monitor/take care of it. Yes, they can survive on their own in natural cavities, etc. but when we put the box up, we need to take care of it!


        Way to go Sky. Some people just don’t know how much harm they do even when they hear or see it. I like your “bluebird fairy” role. Keep up the good work!

        Stafford, VA


          I’m getting attached to this box. I can walk to it, which is nice. I sit on a big rock and watch with my dog. It’s next to the river and surrounded by fruit trees. Honestly, the nest is half hanging out of the box. But they seem content and I think they are close to fledging (I can’t open the box but it’s so open anyway I can literally peer inside and see a big baby’s beak.)


            Sky, this is a great story! So happy you were there to help things along and eliminate the sparrow nest. The BB Fairy, indeed!! Way to go!! This makes me think I should observe the abandoned boxes by our water treatment plant. One actually turned upside down this year—so neglected! Enjoy sitting on your rock and watching the bluebird show!!

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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