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      Bluebirds fledged a week ago and as of now all 5 are alive!
      Now I have Tree Swallows actively building a nest in the same box the Blues were in.
      Last year I lost 3 Swallow babies at 9 days old due to House Sparrows. I am trapping Sparrows almost every day, I have 2 males in my cage now.

      My question is what, if any, precautions can I take to have a successful brood?
      Now that I learned about the Chickadees, I hope I can help these guys!

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        As soon as they have an egg, you can install a spooker. Tree Swallows usually will accept them as readily as the Bluebirds do.

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          Tree Swallows are much more protective of their nests and very aggressive. I have found one dead TRES which I guessed was from a HOSP and I’ve had a few eggs put on the ground by HOSP but all in all they are good at defending their nests.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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