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      1st year and this is our 3rd bunch (1st bunch did fine) but the second didn’t ever hatch then different pair laid 4 eggs again in this God awful heat here in Texas. We have been in high 90’s every day with a heat index of between 105 and 110 this month except for 2 days of rain.
      I put up the umbrella every morning and take it down every night. Today we have 2 of the 4 hatched and still 2 eggs not, but not worried yet because she laid 2 later than the 1st so still have a couple more days to go and pray they hatch, then pray a lot until they fledge as we are setting records here this year in heat. (Awful heat).And now we have sand smog for the last 2 days and again tomorrow blowing in from Africa which is blocking out the sun off and on all day and with breathing warnings about being outside. These poor birds.
      I think (or like to) that the umbrella is helping keep the heat down some and will keep putting it up every morning until this is over for them however it works out (for the best I hope). We have a lot of retention water spots with here in our subdivision with water spouts so I think they at least can find food as I can’t put out any worms because of the sparrows and others that hang around and don’t want to encourage them to I also don’t put water in my bird baths we have for that reason as then they all come, but like I said there is water close enough for all. Here is the 2 photos I took this evening when taking down the umbrella, Please all pray for the little baby’s so they make it through this awful heat for the next 20 0r + days. ^j^



        So adorable! praying for those cuties!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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