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    Rich K

      I am supplementing my Blueys with live meal worms. Small portions in the morning and evening. I make a squeaking sound with my lips when I put the meal worms out and the pair know the call and arrive literally within seconds. I have moved to putting them on the deck in a small container because the greedy Orioles are Scooby Snacking them out of my regular meal worm feeder and won’t let Momma and Daddy Blue near it. This morning I had the little plastic container that I take them outside with and started my call for the Blueys. Not only did they arrive within literally 10 seconds but the Male landed on MY WRIST and started taking them out of the container!!!! He made me jump a little and of course I couldn’t get a picture but this has NEVER happened with Blues ever! I have had it happen with Chickadees in the Winter quite often. He took about two meal worms then jumped on to the deck railing while I dumped the rest into the feeder. I swear this must be the same pair I have had for three years now because they do not act nervous at all when I check the box. This was one for the books!! :wow: :BlueHover:

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Rich, it definitely is one for the books! In 13 seasons on this forum I don’t believe I remember anyone who had this happen. My blues definitely come to my whistle but I cannot be outside close to the feeder when they come to eat and bring worms to the babies. I probably would have jumped out of my skin.
        Do you have a cage feeder for the worms? I wouldn’t be without one, like you say every bird in the area likes those worms.


        That is great Rich. It is great when they trust you like that. I have not had the experience with blues as I have not been feeding them the mealworms and now that I want to get started I find the cage feeder on the forum is out of stock. Any one know of a commercial retailer that may have them?

        I have had humming birds come to a feeder in my hand and even use my finger as a perch

        Stafford, VA


          I am so happy I found this forum to read stories like this! WOW WOW WOW!!! That’s all I can say, Rich. So cool. The pair in my yard this year is clearly new. They are so watchful and suspicious. You have clearly built a bond of trust. You know, the tree swallows in my front yard know me and don’t usually dive bomb me–whether I have a bare head or big straw hat on. But let my husband walk out to get the mail, and they bomb him like mad. It’s funny!! Last year he said he was getting a complex. These birds do come to know us–and clearly they know you! Neat-o!

          Btw Duncraft has those feeders, and their price is in line with the one here.

          Rich K

            I use an open type plastic container on the porch rail. A really simple little thing from the Dollar store!! If I put it in the cup feeder on the tree the Orioles eat them. On the porch rail only the Bluebird and the occasional Titmouse or Nuthatch will pop by but usually after the Blues have had their fill.


              Very cool!!!


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