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      I have peaked in on my TRES pair – and she may have been laying an egg as she was in there and didn’t fly out when I opened the box. So I quietly closed the box again – I need to go and investigate later to see what is happening (later today or this evening.) I saw a HOSP sitting on the top of the box and panicked so I quickly “stuck” my Spooker up – I figured better to be safe .. Hopefully mama doesn’t come out and see the spooker and panic (haha.) I will have to install it more ‘officially’ later. and hope she was just laying and not injured during my morning peek!


        I have seen many times as a tres stays and “squats” in the box with the door fully opened! Every time she is protecting her eggs. I’m sure she is just fine!

        Rochester, NY



        I am not sure that you can spook a TRES. I walk past a newspaper tube mounted next to a homeowner’s mailbox each morning when I walk my grandsons to the school bus each morning. A TRES pair has built a nest in the tube and I believe here are eggs in the nest. I can not see over the feathers/down on the nest. They do “dive-bomb” us as we walk by but return to the mailbox or street sign across the road to watch us pass. They never go far away. (This is about 8 miles from where we live. I haven’t seen many TRES in our neighborhood.)

        Stafford, VA


          SO I’ve been slacking but quick update: We have 5 babies! :)
          and yes I know that TRES are usually very dive bombing – hard to spook but I’ve never had the box totally open and her just sitting there looking at me like “close my wall please.” lol


            Courtney, I love it when they do that! I’ve had it happen with CACH and TUTI and it’s so funny. AND it’s just like you said “close my wall please”!

            Yay for your chicks!

            Atlanta, GA

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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