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    Roy Holmes

      During the second brood the male and female were killed by a hawk when the nestlings were 12 days old. The next morning another pair showed up looking for a nest box. They kept the box clean but would only feed them mealworms from my feeder after they had their fill. From my cam I saw that 2 chicks fledged, then one more on day 16 and the last one early morning on day 17.
      The male is still attacking my windows and I have cleaned out the box for them to use.


        Shoot!! I surely hate that happened. I’ve never had one attack my window.


          Hey, Roy. That’s quite amazing and very unusual. How do you know that the hawk got both the male and female? Is it at all possible that the female didn’t die and she found a new male. Glad they fledged!!!!


          Roy Holmes

            The female that showed up did not feed or care for the chicks like before. I have a camera inside


            Roy, I would put a decoration on your window to keep the Bluebird from attacking the window. I would move any house plants that have green foliage near your window also.

            Stafford, VA

          Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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