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      Well after a two week search the Lovebird that I found can officially be called “mine”!
      He has a band which we were able to track down where he was hatched. After several phone calls by the owner of the pet store where he was purchased from in 2007 didn’t pan out, it looks like he now found his forever home. I have to say I’m happy about that!

      “Single” momma Bluebird, who successfully raised 5 little ones first go around, found a new man and laid 5 more eggs which 4 hatched five days ago.

      Also I have 7 Tres babies in my box that are about 12 days old. This is my first “successful” , early to say I know, batch of them. My question is…is it normal for the little ones to be hanging pretty far out of the hole?? I’m so afraid that they will just fall out! They still need time in there and it is concerning to me. Luckily I work from home and keep my eyes and ears open.
      Thanks for any input.


        The TRES do hang out of the hole quite a bit! It’s normal. Glad you get to keep the lovebird. How fun!!! Glad your bluebird mom found a mate!


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          Oh, my the TRES drive me absolutely BONKERS when they’re nearing fledging. They hang so far out of the hole they almost topple out and make you think they’re going to just take off, then they duck back inside and led the next one up…and they’ll do that for DAYS! :CantFly: :BonkOwnHead:

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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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