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      Just finished the first nest check in over a week. I like to do them when my hubby mows the grass since that usually gets them to leave their nests without me having to spook them off. The Chickadee’s eggs haven’t hatched yet. The blues look to be several days old. I didn’t look at the House Finch nest but they’ve been making feeding trips for over a week now. The male Prothonotary Warbler popped in a few days ago, went in and out of the box singing then left only to shortly return with a female who promptly started building her nest. I went to do a check on her box but she was in the Dogwood tree her beak stuffed full looking down at me. So I walked off and let her be.

      I haven’t bothered checking the Mourning Dove nest until today. I wasn’t sure if that is still active since I haven’t seen any sight of them since one flew out into my face a few weeks ago when we were replacing the roof on the box the Blues are using. I had bent over close to where they were nesting to pick up tools and one flushed out just about right in my face. So today I stood by as my hubby rode pass on the mower and nothing flew out so I took a peek and saw two white eggs in the smallest Mourning Dove nest I ever saw. Jut big enough to hold those two eggs and thats about it. I picked one up and it was cold to the touch. I held it up to the sun and it is clear. I put it back into the nest and walked away. Well thats it for now.

      When the new wears off the old shines through

      When The New Wears Off The Old Shines Through.

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